The Squatter

The Squatter

9 Episodes

A wholesome family struggling to make ends meet has their world turned upside down after they rent a room to a deranged Olympic hopeful who refuses to leave.

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The Squatter
  • Meet the Bakers... and Vinnie

    Episode 1

    We’re introduced to the Bakers, a wholesome family trying to make ends meet several years after Hurricane Sandy ravaged their Long Island home.

    Vinnie, a deranged Olympic hopeful, resides in their garage and refuses to vacate the premises.

  • Unwanted Guest

    Episode 2

    Drew encounters problems at work, as Vinnie revels in his rent-free hedonism.

    Drew attempts to reason with his dad about using alternative methods to remove Vinnie from their home.

  • Unlicensed Council

    Episode 3

    Things don’t go as planned when Vinnie begins negotiating rental terms with the "attorney" and refuses to be filmed for the documentary, threatening to shut down the shoot.

  • Omnipresent Stagnation

    Episode 4

    Vinnie continues negotiating his rental terms with Angelina.

    Vinnie runs into Kayla as she walks home from school and strikes up a conversation.

    Dave struggles with substance abuse, and Kayla makes a new animal friend.

  • One on One

    Episode 5

    ...when Vinnie challenges drew to a high stakes game of one on one.

  • The American Nightmare

    Episode 6

    Kayla has a hear to heart with Dave and reveals a highly disturbing secret about her and Vinnie.

    Drew has a quarter-life crisis beside a Starbucks dumpster.

  • Skeletons in the Garage

    Episode 7

    Back at home, Vinnie rummages through the Bakers’ private documents and finds a dirty little secret.

    Drew escalates steps towards physical retaliation, as Kayla informs him of her terrible little secret.

    Karen foregoes all responsibilities as a wife and mother- and does the unthinkable.

  • Unveiled Threats

    Episode 8

    Dave attempts to press Vinnie on how much longer he’ll stay in the house- but Vinnie flips it on Dave, and threatens to reveal the family’s dirty little secret to the neighborhood if they throw him out.

    Drew escalates steps towards physical retaliation, as Kayla informs him of her terrible li...

  • The End is Near

    Episode 9

    We catch up with everyone one year later, ending on Drew who receives some startling news in the form of an online video- which sends him spiraling out of control.